Digital consulting

In a nutshell, using digital consultancy is quickly becoming a must-do for companies regardless of their maturity stage, and consultants, as well as consulting agencies, are heading towards a more digital-focused model. Even though the pace of digital change and disruption is always fastening, it is becoming more difficult to be on top of every new trend and skill to stay relevant. When disruption comes knocking at this scale, incremental change will only delay the inevitable.

Address customer needs and design success through design

We can perform a custom analysis for a particular company, study its customer journeys, find UX fails and identify opportunities for improvement.

Where there are gaps, we help fill them using surveys, user interviews and reviewing various forms of analytics. Most of the time the challenge isn’t gathering the data, but rather expressing it in a way that is useful. Typically most UX consultants do this through various visualisation techniques including customer journey mapping and empathy mapping.

Identifying areas of improvement that will increase satisfaction and conversion in the short term, these reports focus on addressing the ‘low hanging fruit’ that obviously need fixing before more nuanced improvements can begin.

Digital strategy creation

Our consultants know how to scale up to varied channels, traditional and new ones, leverage industry-specific digital products and platforms and use competition shifts for the benefits of our clients.

Creating a great user experience does not happen overnight, and organisations will not achieve it just by improving the user interface. Often it requires organisational change and at least some degree of digital transformation. You need a strategy to make this possible. A big part of UX consulting is to help organisations draw up these strategies. That involves a lot of research, meeting with stakeholders and understanding the business.

Once that has been done, a UX consultant will draw up a long-term vision or short term strategy for your company’s user experience and a roadmap that outlines what needs to be done to reach those goals. That set of recommendations becomes the organisation’s strategy.

Increase ROI and reduce risks

Your start-up can entail certain investment and risks. We are here to optimize efforts, reduce complexity and expenses.

If you don’t have a process to find a great UX initially, then all the rework will have the risk of finding other bad solutions rather than the important optimal UX. Spending
development budgets on reworking features that you could have gotten right the first time is a waste.

Blend technology into business process

Having strong technology expertise at hand, our consultants can identify the most relevant technologies that could transform traditional business processes. This transformation can work for improving efficiency, reducing cost, and even reinventing the whole business from scratch.

That is the world of service design, where company processes, structures and systems need to be adapted to meet consumer expectations. An area that we spend an increasing amount of time addressing.
To help clients implement change, we work with them as an ongoing mentor. We are there for them on a daily basis as challenges arise that need addressing. After all, no company has ever succeeded implementing a strategy as it was written. There is always the need to adjust as you go along.

Applicable to all sizes

Digital consulting can help enterprises of all shapes and sizes to find the right strategy for them. It is useful for new businesses to establish an online strategy, for businesses that want to expand, businesses that want an improved short or long-term strategy, or businesses that don’t have access to sufficient skills and  knowledge to reach their digital needs in some fields. Digital strategy is a pillar for a lot of companies that requires vast expertise, calling upon digital consulting is an efficient solution since it brings an expert with an outside perspective that can be perfect for you.
Whether a startup or an established company with a new product, our practices and processes are transferable and applicable to any company size.

Fundraising preparation

From pitch deck preparation to fundraising material we are here to help you to successfully approach potential investors.

Should I send out market research surveys prior to approaching an investor? Also, how safe is it to pitch your business idea to an investor? Underlying these two questions is another question and the crux of what this person is asking:
  • What do investors want?
  • What do you have to show them to get funding?
  • Are they looking for new ideas so that they can create businesses of their own or are they looking for you to prove your idea will work?
We are here to help you and guide you on the right track prior to showcasing your cherished idea to potential investors.

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