End to end web design

By following our design process, we’ll work closely with you to get an in-depth understanding of your customers and your brand identity. These insights will form the foundations and guide all our activities - from defining the concept and style to online deployment of the final product.

User centered design approach

Specify the use context
we collect information about your users’ needs
Specify clear business requirements
the designers and the stakeholders provide detailed specifications for the new product
Create unique design solutions
building a solution, from rough concept to finished design
Evaluate designs
through usability testing with actual users
the process of developing and delivering the product
the final product is frequently evaluated, as consumer needs evolve and change

Your ideas set in motion

Websites and mobile apps of any size and complexity, built using cloud platforms or a custom development. Whatever it may be, we will provide you with a solution that best aligns with your budget and business needs.

After understanding your needs we will recommend the best approach: cloud server, on-site server, CMS or bespoke development. For example, cloud servers are generally faster compared to traditional, on-site servers. That could mean you discover pertinent information more quickly as you surf the web but it is up to you to choose the traditional way if you wish and we both find it is more applicable to your goals.

You are in control

The product will be built based on your requirements. So as we go along, we’ll ensure that you’re up to speed and know exactly how to manage it’s content after delivery. We will provide you a clean and straightforward content management system as well as a training session on how to manage it easily and how to update its content effectively.


Designing products and experiences by integrating emerging technologies and adapting those to the latest platforms is a huge challenge and ultimately can either be a ticket to your product’s success. You want to provide your users with the ability to change devices and still be able to accomplish the same tasks (maybe even expand some of them) without making them feel disoriented or lose the connection to your brand, goals and values.
In Pine we will make your product more

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