UX Audit

Design is a process of a constant, iterative effort to make your product better and better. Devices and technologies through which users interact with your product will change, so will your users, their needs and behaviours. Make sure you have the right tools and battle-tested methodologies to face these challenges and never stop the progress.

Fresh eyes on your products

How to continue work on the product and fix the problems they possibly missed during the initial stage of the development. Bringing fresh eyes to your product can easily spot errors.

A User Experience audit helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of a digital product. Our outside perspective allows us to provide an honest look at your product and how it meets customers’ needs. We can learn what it is that keeps clients coming back for more — or, where you’re losing potential customers.

Clean the legacy

Some things working well for one website, don’t necessarily work well for you. Also, how would you know if it’s working well? Every business needs to analyze things that are working well for them and things that are not. That’s where auditing your UX design kicks in.

The audit provides a detailed look at various data and metrics to determine the needs of your users. When hiring an outside firm (like us) to complete the audit, you will receive actionable steps for dealing with the areas that need improvement.

Boost growth through UX audit

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have already tried, tested, learned and succeeded. Having hands-on experience with optimizing conversions can push a couple of zeroes to your $ revenue numbers seamlessly.

We can focus on specific goals, such as increasing user engagement, or boosting conversion rates. The result is a comprehensive and detailed report of your product’s usability problems, and suggestions on how to overcome them.


Audits offer tremendous insight into product performance and customer behavior. The information that we gather allows us to find areas for improvement.

Project Assessment

Our UX audit allows your business to make an educated decision, not based on gut instinct but on actual data and collected evidence.


Details about the users through detailed research such as surveys and interviews.


The process of arranging parts to make the information understandable.


Comparing the UX of the competition’s products for insight into how your product stacks up.

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